DecisionPoint Selling® Approach

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Complex sales tools and methodologies have no place in a sales organization. Salespeople like simple. We believe in simple and relevant sales training and methodology. We believe in a lean approach to selling – eliminate waste, simplify, standardize and then automate. Every activity requested of a salesperson must be critical to the successful conclusion of a sale or to the growth of an account. Complexity Causes Confusion – Confused People Do Nothing

How Do We Do What We Do?


First, we will identify the problems you would like to address or goal you would like to achieve. We will then strive to make sure all stakeholders are willing to actually change their business processes to solve the problem. This may seem strange, but the largest barrier to successful implementation of change in an organization is the unwillingness of some parties to actually change.

As you know, change is not easy and for an organization to actually improve, all parties to the problems must be advocates for and not prisoners of the change. We will calculate the cost of the problem to the organization. Without calculating the current cost of doing business today, there is no way to know if you moved the needle based on the changes you are making.

After the correct depth of diagnosis, the answer to the problem will be developed and presented to the stakeholders. Tweaks will undoubtedly need to be made and after finally agreeing on the answer, a plan of action will be developed.

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We Can Help!

If it seems as though your salespeople are flying by the seat of their pants, we can help. We instill sales process discipline and sales management principles across your entire organization to increase the performance of your salespeople and their managers.

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The Power of Process

If we make the Decision to wait until the buyer calls, we are engaging too late. We have to make the Decision to be there first.