DecisionPoint Selling® Consulting Services

Is your company’s sales team struggling to meet sales goals or simply not maximizing industry growth potential? Investing in your salespeople’s success is the single most effective way to improving sales results. Making better decisions on where and how to invest time and process during the sales cycle can be the difference between winning and losing. Learn to sell like never before by implementing a more effective sales methodology – DecisionPoint Selling® can show you how.

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DecisionPoint Selling® Consulting Services

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Strategic Account Planning

Critical thinking about accounts is important to maximize the wallet share and retention. The DecisionPoint Selling® methodology has two versions of Strategic Account Planning depending on the individual needs of the sales organization:

1) Enterprise Accounts - Designed for Account Executives managing complex accounts involving multiple team members and resources.

2) SMB to Mid-Market - Designed for Account Executives managing a large number of accounts for businesses with up to 999 employees or less than $1 Billion in gross revenue.

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Territory Account Segmentation

Most salespeople would like to know where the new revenue can be found within their territory or list of accounts. A simple yet effective method of stack ranking and scoring existing and new accounts based on your company’s chosen criteria gives salespeople the ability to successfully target the accounts with the largest potential for annual contract value (ACV) growth.

Our proprietary Strategic Ideal Customer Intimacy Model (SICIM Scoring) allows salespeople to successfully identify their best clients based on chosen criteria.

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Opportunity Management

Navigating through a customer organization is more difficult today than ever before. Our Opportunity Management Process enables salespeople to dig deep into the analysis of a single sales opportunity with members of their organization. Strategic thinking about a specific opportunity is important for larger enterprise opportunities.

The old sales philosophy of finding the person who will be able to buy a solution is long gone in today's world. Research says it takes 5.4 stakeholders on average to make decisions and gain budget approval. How do you effectively manage an opportunity that involves multiple business unit leaders? How do you reach and engage these key stakeholders to influence the buying process and decision knowing that they don't answer calls and self-educate their way through over half the buying process? Our process provides the necessary answers to these common challenges.

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Sales Execution

Managing a sales cycle with a customer can be a daunting task. Without a sales roadmap to follow, much is left to chance. As the famous book states: “Hope Is Not A Strategy.” Our sales execution workshop helps salespeople understand how using a defined set of steps and activities will increase their chances of success on any given opportunity. Tactical sales tools are used to help salespeople achieve specific milestones along the way.

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Sales Management - Sales Pipeline

Many sales executives can’t articulate the difference between pipeline management and sales forecasting. When asked if they do Pipeline Management, many answer “Yes, we have a forecasting call every Friday!” After one understands the difference, they also realize they have no idea about the actual health of their pipeline. The old theory of having 3x or 4x in the pipeline has gone by the wayside. The health of the pipeline can be easily calculated with our proven formula. Once the pipeline health has been graded, we will teach sales managers and executives how to use accurate data and dashboards to better manage their sales teams. The result is more accurate forecasting!

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Sales Management - Forecasting

Sales forecasting based on facts versus feel will always be more accurate. Forecasting can become a science with the right methodology and cadence. If your forecast is inaccurate and painful to develop, you are doing it wrong. Forecasting is binary, either a deal is in the forecast or it is not. There can be no gray area. Our proven forecasting methodology has been used by SMB to Enterprise organizations. Let us help you build your forecast with greater accuracy.

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Sales Management - Opportunity Reviews

Focus, cadence, rigor and discipline are the four most important factors for successful opportunity review best practices. Our simple approach will be a breath of fresh air for both salespeople and field sales leaders.

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Sales Management - People Management

People are different and the way we manage them should be different in order to maximize the sales team's potential. Our focus on people management is toward measurement and away from judgment. Using facts to manage people is much more successful then expressing our opinions. Our SWIM Coaching Model is very practical and straightforward.

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Talent Management

People have a naturally strong desire to be successful. I have never met a person who said, “I really want to underperform today!” So if you agree this statement is true, why do so many under-perform? It could be the work environment or other factors out of their control. Their genetics will not allow them to perform the task for which they were hired. They may have the greatest desire in the world to perform but absolutely were not given the correct genetics to perform the task at hand.

We have spent nearly two decades diagnosing why salespeople underperform and why they leave good companies. Our conclusion...most people don't leave companies, they leave the job they are in or the role they are playing. Or worse yet the manager to which they are reporting.

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Sales Playbook Development

As a result of successful adoption of the DecisionPoint Selling® methodology, you will have created a personalized repeatable & scalable playbook for your organization. The result of building your company a tailored Sales Playbook includes:

  1. Faster ramp for new salespeople
  2. Higher opportunity conversion rates
  3. Predictable revenue growth
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Consulting Services

Tailored to your needs, consulting can provide a needed boost. DecisionPoint Selling® offers the following consulting services:
  1. Sales Training Programs: We will train your team with our off-the-shelf sales training methodologies or customize our content to increase relevancy for your team.
  2. Sales Playbook Development: We are available to develop specific sales tools aligned to our sales methodologies by product paths.
  3. Sales Process Roadmaps: We will develop a custom sales process roadmap for your team to use during and after sales training.
  4. Salesperson Assessments: We will assess your sales team to determine if they have the correct DNA to actually do what you are asking of them.
  5. Individual Tutoring: We are available to coach your people one-on-one under certain circumstances.