Benefits of a Salesforce Managed Services Partner Cloud Blazer

What Are the Benefits of a Salesforce Managed Services Partner?

There are four primary benefits to engaging a vendor to deliver Salesforce Managed Services.

They are:

  • No Need to Train Your Internal Team: From HR to IT, hiring Salesforce experts requires more than a passing understanding of the platform and products that existing team members don’t have time to acquire.
  • Cost-Savings: Hiring expenses and time to hire JUST ONE internal Salesforce expert can take a minimum of 90-120 days and thousands of dollars more than a traditional employee search. And turnover is a serious challenge in the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Speed of Execution / Knowledge Transfer: With an external Salesforce Managed Services team you never have to work about vacations, downtime, or other hassles that accompany managing an internal team. And you get the benefit of a team that can leverage experience from other projects and industries to create innovative solutions for you.
  • Increased Employee & Customer Satisfaction: Keeping your CRM up-to-date and operating efficiently means your team is happy, motivated, and can spend more time doing what they do best… taking care of your customers and exceeding their expectations.

CloudBlazer is your preferred Salesforce Managed Services Partner

Our Manufacturing, Financial Services, and Automotive experts are ready to help you manage your day-to-day Salesforce needs or longer, more complex tasks like multi-cloud integrations, custom configurations, and more!


Is your organization struggling to get the most out of your Salesforce investment? Is your team feeling overwhelmed by the effort required to effectively manage and maintain your Salesforce platform? Perhaps you are lacking internal expertise or the financial resources or you are finding that somehow you have ended up with an overly complex and unscalable Salesforce instance. Or perhaps you just want to focus on the core business. Whatever your motivations for considering a Managed Services Partner, there are significant benefits that firms of all sizes and industries can achieve with the help of a Salesforce Managed Services Team.

The 4 Primary Benefits to Hiring a Salesforce Managed Services Partner

No Need to Educate Your Internal Team

From the HR team trying to hire the best candidates to an IT team already busy with maintaining legacy systems, the last thing anyone needs is to have to figure out how to hire and manage a great Salesforce team.

It can take weeks to study for and pass just one Salesforce certification exam (assuming you do pass it on the first try). And the costs associated with that training and the exam fees add up quickly.

With a Salesforce Managed Services Team in place, you know your Salesforce team is regularly put through rigorous training and constant updates to maintain their expensive Salesforce certifications. That means HR and IT can focus on what they already do best, and you look good to management.


While this sounds like a cliché, B2B service provider answer, the cost benefit of a Salesforce Managed Services Partner is one that shouldn’t be treated lightly. Research shows you can expect to spend an additional $4-25K in search costs to find just ONE Salesforce Admin and the search can easily take 90-120 days MINIMUM according to When you extrapolate that out to an entire team of Salesforce-certified experts, you’re looking at months of searching as you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to find good candidates. Add that to all the lost ROI and revenue from an inadequately managed CRM, and the costs become overwhelming.

Plus, the #1 reason for in-house Salesforce team turnover is a feeling of stagnation and Salesforce experts don’t wait long to look for a more interesting role according to So, if you can’t keep the team busy with “cool” or “exciting” projects, they’ll leave, and you’ll be right back to square one with your search and all those costs. With a Salesforce Managed Services team, you can sleep at night knowing that your experts are always invested because your Engagement Manager makes sure every project is exciting and different.

Speed-of-Execution / Knowledge Transfer

When you have an internal Salesforce team working on a complex, custom solution for your organization, what happens if a team member gets sick or takes vacation? Things slow down or stop. With a Salesforce Managed Services Partner, there are multiple people in each expertise which means, if someone steps back, another expert can step forward to keep things running smoothly.

Your organization will also benefit from the cross-project / cross-industry collaboration and experience that only comes when those Salesforce Managed Services experts work together and discuss your needs, share ideas, and collaborate on a best practice solution that will meet your expectations.

Increased Employee & Customer Satisfaction

Customer service teams play a crucial role in any business, representing the brand and interacting with customers daily. It's important to keep your customer service team happy and motivated, not just for their own well-being, but also for the benefit of the business. Keeping your CRM up-to-date and operating efficiently means your team can spend more time doing what they do best… taking care of your customers and exceeding their expectations.

A Managed Services team can identify and address technical issues and alleviate bottlenecks in your Salesforce implementation and business processes. They can also provide guidance and best practices to help your organization streamline its processes, automations, and workflows. A streamlined CRM and business processes can ensure that customer service reps tackle cases with greater enthusiasm and are more likely to resolve issues faster. Happy employees stay longer which ultimately reduces overall recruiting costs and helps ensure higher customer retention.

CloudBlazer is Your Preferred Salesforce Managed Services Partner

A hands-off approach won’t serve organizations looking to drive efficiency, improve processes, and grow sales with Salesforce. As your CRM platform becomes a central part of your business strategy, you’ll need Salesforce-certified experts to ensure it consistently performs at peak efficiency and effectiveness.

Unfortunately, many organizations end up adopting a “set it and forget it” mindset and struggle to keep their CRMs performing optimally. That’s where CloudBlazer’s Salesforce Managed Services can help!

Whether you need help managing your day-to-day Salesforce needs or uniquely skilled resources for longer, more complex tasks like multi-cloud integrations and custom configurations, our team of Salesforce-certified industry experts are by your side! Plus, unlike many Managed Services providers, we don’t charge our Managed Services clients up-front retainer or monthly fees. You only pay for the work when we do it.

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