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Use Sales Cloud to quickly discover customers, close deals and expand accounts. CloudBlazer has Sales Cloud Consultants that can help you achieve continued success with Salesforce Sales Cloud. Let our consultant team assist your business with Sales Cloud implementation, developing custom applications that automate your current processes and improving sales productivity. We will also make sure that your organization has transparency into your sales performance. If you’re ready to close more deals, our certified Sales Cloud consultants are the solution you’re looking for.

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Sales Cloud Inbox

Make it easier for your sales organization to sell via email with Sales Cloud Inbox. Sales Cloud Inbox combines email, calendar, and CRM and creates a singular, effortless experience. You can also use Sales Cloud Inbox to make sure your CRM data is always updated.

Our Sales Cloud consultants will ensure that you’re getting the full benefit of Salesforce Customer 360. This will allow you to update your CRM data directly from your inbox. Automate the notation of customer communications... which means saying goodbye to data entry. We’ll also show you how to include promotions from your inbox, and transition to Salesforce quickly.

Sale Cloud’s High Velocity Sales

Allow your sales team to sell everywhere with virtual selling from High Velocity Sales. Our Sales Cloud consultants will show you how to use High Velocity Sales to improve productivity, reinforce best practices and become adaptable.

Rethink your sales methodology and increase production for each sales rep through digital selling with High Velocity Sales. We’ll help you use Work Queue to find your ideal customers, and use Einstein Activity Capture to automate data entry. Plus, our Sales Cloud consultants can show you how to adapt to new buying behaviors by refining your sales cadences.

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Sales Cloud Implementation Methodology

The project methodology used by our Sales Cloud consultants is a flexible approach to Sales Cloud implementation and deployment, while prioritizing your business needs and goals. The following items are included in every Sales Cloud implementation project that we take on:

  • Integration planning

  • Decisions driven by your organization’s goals

  • Documentation for later reference

  • Clear communication of project status versus forecasted timeline and budget

CloudBlazer’s Sales Cloud Consulting Approach

Your Sales Cloud consultant will guide you through the following stages of your Sales Cloud project:

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We’ll start with the DISCOVER phase, where we’ll kick off the project. In this phase we’ll set the timeline, define expectations and create a project plan.

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During the ANALYZE phase, we’ll define processes and develop the project requirements, solution and scope.

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Next is the DESIGN phase, where we’ll construct the Sales Cloud architecture and begin prototyping.

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In the DEVELOP phase, we’ll work on development applications, integrations, and data migration. We’ll also be coding and creating training plans.

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Next is the VALIDATION phase. During this time, we’ll validate the Sales Cloud implementation and data with rigorous QA testing. We’ll also finish defining the training content.

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Finally, we’ll end with the DEPLOY phase, during which we’ll actually deploy Sales Cloud and train your team.

Our certified Sales Cloud consultants are ready to help your sales team transform their Sales Cloud implementation into a reliable and productive sales tool. Contact us to discover how our certified Sales Cloud consultants can help your sales organization not only reach, but exceed their goals.