Hear What People are Saying

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Salesforce Partner

Hear What People Are Saying

Hear from some of our past clients how Salesforce, with the help of CloudBlazer as an implementation and consulting partner, has shaped their day to day business:

CloudBlazer has been an absolutely phenomenal pleasure to work with.

Dave McDaniel and Paul Yoder have been great to work with. They have assisted us in obtaining great pricing for more licenses and understanding our business based upon their Business Process Review.

Our organization is currently assigned to Cindy and Alyssa. Cindy and Alyssa have been absolutely divine. They understood our need for an abbreviated implementation and compiled a project plan that would meet our dates. They have not missed a milestone or deliverable based upon the agreed project plan. Any changes we needed were well thought out and vetted prior to moving forward. Their communication has been impeccable. I never felt lost during our implementation and they ensured I was well trained in the system prior to my internal training to our sales team. Professional, courteous and honest; they never missed a beat in the project. As a project manager, I truly appreciated the fact that they will seek out an answer when they are not sure on an answer.

Dave/Paul, if you read this review, please know that I consider Cindy and Alyssa All-Stars. They simply have been an absolute pleasure to work with. My only negative to this project is that when our organization hires on a new Sales Operations Manager, I will roll off the project and will not be able to work with these fine ladies any further. Until that moment, these two are my heroines!

The CloudBlazer team has been great to work with as my organization is in the beginning stages of reworking our business processes and make the transition to the Lightning UI. After interviewing several consultants for this initiative, I felt the most comfortable with CloudBlazer based on their experience and professionalism. During our business process reviews, I was impressed with CloudBlazer's method of digging for insights from our business leaders and their voice in challenging us to update some old, legacy processes. I look forward to continue working with them and I view them as a very trusted partner.

We decided to embark on the Salesforce journey a couple of months ago, and we were recommended to work with CloudBlazer. We have been using Salesforce for a couple of months now, basically living in it, basking in all of it's enormous ways it has helped us bring all our data together, managing all of our accounts, and helping us keep our clients happy. This would not have been possible without the knowledge and work from CloudBlazer, specially Alyssa Yardley. The way she built our Salesforce was what our company needed to grow and help reach our goals. Working with her along with Paul, Dave, and Cindy has been completely amazing and really easy to transition from one system to the other. Thank you for the great work & for helping us achieve our goals!

Working with Paul Yoder was a great experience for all of us at La Noticia, The Spanish-Language Newspaper. He did the set up and implementation of Salesforce for us from the beginning to the end. At the end of the implementation we all felt very comfortable navigating the software. We were impressed with his professionalism and positive attitude. At all times he was ready to answer all the many questions that we had. He was available to talk to us on the phone or quickly respond to our emails at different times of the day: very early in the morning and sometimes even late in the evening. Another wonderful thing about working with Paul: he finished the project on time and under budget. We highly recommend Paul and his team at CloudBlazer.

This was an awesome experience. Easy to contact & a willingness to explain & work through questions. Overall just a wonderful experience and I would recommend this team to everyone!

Paul was invaluable in helping us with our Salesforce implementation. We were literally building out our sales processes as we were implementing Salesforce. Paul did a great job on the front end, helping us understand the intricacies of salesforce setup so that we can build intelligently on the front end vs. react and fix later. He also handled many aspects of the set up, working flawlessly with our internal team to get the job done on time and under budget. He has demonstrable experience and skills in this area and was a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him/CloudBlazer highly and work with him again.

The team at CloudBlazer has been a tremendous help in implementing Salesforce and making updates to the system as needed. We went into this project practically blind about what it would entail. We were under the impression that it would be fairly easy to implement and learn how to manage SF, and we couldn't have been more wrong in our thinking. Paul at CloudBlazer was called in as our implementation expert and immediately dove in to get to know our business and build the system out for us. He guided us through every step of the process, conducted regular meetings to ensure we were on track, and taught me how to do a lot in the system in order to be more self-sufficient. Following our go-live date, Cindy took over as our rep at CloudBlazer. She continues to work with us on a regular basis to make updates/changes as needed, when I am not able to figure out how to do it myself. She is great at recommendations for ways to get creative when the goal we want to accomplish is not straightforward. Both Cindy and Paul have significant experience in SF implementations and also use the system themselves, so they really know how to customize things accordingly. CloudBlazer has been key in our implementation and I highly recommend this company to everyone looking for help with Salesforce. We could not have done it without them!

“After implementing the DPS methodology, we reduced our Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) from 282 days to 222 days while increasing our Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) from 34 months to 49 months. This resulted in our CAC to CLV Ratio to go from 2.4 to 4.8, making our customers 2x more valuable.”

“Using Process Questions, the Industry Trends Storyboard, and the Value Circle learned in the DecisionPoint Selling® workshop four of our salespeople turned around stalled opportunities totaling $3.7m of Annual Reoccurring Revenue within 30 days after training.”

“Using the Industry Trends Storyboard one of our salesperson turned around a customer who he had been calling on for over 2 years with little progress and sold a $6m Annual Reoccurring Revenue deal.”

“At first, I was skeptical of DPS’ 5-week Pipeline Development Campaign, but after sending two week one emails, I was able to schedule two meetings I had been trying to get for 6-months. I am a believer now!”

“The DecisionPoint Selling Methodology is superior to other methodologies I’ve employed by how it ties all of the sales stages together to progress opportunities in a way that is standardized, actionable, and measurable.”

“This training was far more valuable than what we received from a previous consulting firm. DecisionPoint took the time to understand our business and develop materials specific to our selling situations”