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With Salesforce’s Manufacturing Cloud tool, you can utilize the technology of a full service CRM created specifically for manufacturing. Manufacturing Cloud provides you with transparency on the go, allowing you to accurately forecast all parts of your business.

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Manufacturing Cloud Implementation Benefits

When you implement Manufacturing Cloud, you will be able to improve the visibility you have into your run-rate operations with features such as Sales Agreements and Account-Based Forecasting. When using the Sales Agreements, you will have the option to see a comprehensive view of each agreement’s terms. This view includes length, product description and pricing. You can even see planned quantities compared to the actual quantities you have in stock. You will also have the option to build custom metrics to have transparency into your organization’s performance.

Manufacturing Cloud’s Account-Based Forecasting tool will help you obtain a comprehensive view of your organization’s run-rate and net-new business. Sales, operations, and product groups can communicate on one platform and align on revenue and volume forecasts. Our Manufacturing Cloud consultants will ensure that you are utilizing Sales Agreement and Account-Based Forecasting to the fullest.

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Manufacturing Cloud Consulting Methodology Overview

The methodology used with all Manufacturing Cloud projects combines efficiency with your business goals. Our Manufacturing Cloud implementation methodology includes meticulous planning, calculated decisions, extensive documentation and focus on your budget and deadlines.

Our Manufacturing Cloud Consulting Approach

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In the DISCOVER phase, we will kick off the project and align on deadlines and expectations.

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In the ANALYZE phase, our Manufacturing Cloud consultants will explain the project procedures, requirements, solution and scope.

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In the DESIGN phase, we will tackle the Manufacturing Cloud architecture and prototypes.

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In the DEVELOP phase, our Manufacturing Cloud consultants will create a detailed training curriculum and our developers will work on any applicable applications, integrations and data migrations.

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In the VALIDATE phase, our team will undertake rigorous testing and complete the training curriculum.

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Finally, in the DEPLOY phase, our Manufacturing Cloud consultants will publish your Manufacturing Cloud implementation and review the training curriculum with your team.

If you are ready for your account teams to have a complete view of each customer, it is time to implement Manufacturing Cloud. Contact us to discover how to achieve real-time transparency into both sales and service for every account.